Sell Scrap Metal Sydney

sell scrap metal sydney

Sell Scrap Metal Sydney

Do you have a quantity of scrap metal taking up space on your property? Turn that rusting an unusable scrap metal into money by selling it to the scrap metal merchants at Complete Metal.

By purchasing both ferrous and non-ferrous metals we provide all the scrap metal processing services you’ll ever need under one roof. To provide our valued customers with value for money for their scrap metal we strive to give them the best price for unusable metal products based on current market prices. As a part of our continued dedication to Sydneysiders we purchase scrap metal in quantities of 500kg or over, from both domestic and commercial residents living and working throughout the greater metropolitan area.

After we have removed your scrap metal you will be able to fully enjoy the increased space in your workspace or your home. Don’t just let your scrap metal sit and rust under the sun and rain, turn it into money. To get the best value for money for your unused metal call Complete Metal today on 02 9531 8961.

We specialise in buying both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metal from domestic and commercial customers.
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