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Complete Metal Industries remove and buy industrial scrap metal, including both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. Our team has all the expertise and experience to process scrap metal, in a safe, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective way.

Our operations are environmentally friendly because we ensure that we clean all the scrap metals we process and cleaned of oils and residues. We’re cost-effective because our collection and removal processes are performed by employees specially trained in the process.

Contribute to the sustainability of metal by doing your company’s bit to recycle your metal!

Prices we offer for your scrap are highly competitive, which is why so many businesses in Sydney rely on us. Why not make the most of your disused machines and save on the cost of production! You can use the money we hand over for your scrap for updating.

On request, we can provide destruction certification for your disused items. We can also provide PCB tracking certification, in case you need transformer removal services. We pride ourselves on being fully compliant with all laws covering scrap metal collection, including the latest laws.

We will complete a proper work safety assessment of all scrap removals before commencing work, so you can rest assured your scrap will be handled safely! Why not call us for a quote today? You can start saving!


CMI is committed to conducting our business in an environmentally aware and responsible manner. That is why we have developed our “7 tick Quality standards”, it encompasses our environmental practices and extends towards our present and future goals of a cleaner commitment to operations within the scrap metal industry.

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Enviro Aware

Implies that our company is committed to conducting our business with minimum environmental impact.

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OH&S Compliant

CMI is workplace health safety stringent, and complys with all new WHS laws.

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Qualified Staff

We are proud of the people who represent our company for the knowledge they bring to our business.

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Courtesy and competence embrace our company beliefs, thus ensuring a professional philosophy.

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Price Competitive

We believe we can match, and sometimes better market prices on scrap.

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Ethical Practices

CMI will not undertake any unfair or illegal methods in its business dealings.

Scrap Metal Merchants Sydney
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At CMI we offer steel, aluminium, copper, and multiple other forms of metal recycling based on the specific needs of our Sydney customers.

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