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Machinery Removals Sydney

At Complete Metal our passionate, reliable, and competitively-priced team of scrap metal specialists strive to provide a complete scrap metal experience for our customers across Sydney. Drawing on years of unmatched and personalised experience we have successfully bought and recycling countless tonnes of various types of scrap metal including steel, copper, aluminium and stainless steel.

To ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers we offer a fair and accurate price for all the scrap metal we purchase. To ensure that we meet all the needs and requirements of our customers we also offer scrap metal pick-up and removal based on the size and weight of the scrap metal. Alongside our disposal and recycling of broken-down scrap metal we also can pick-up machinery for removal regardless of the location throughout Sydney.

Whatever metal your machine is made of, we can offer you a competitive price. Our operations include a sophisticated sorting system at our Ingleburn scrap yard. This means we can process ferrous metals, including such materials as profile steel, light sheet steel, structural steel, and cast iron. This covers a wide range of materials used in modern industry. We also process non-ferrous metals, such lead, stainless steel, aluminium, batteries, insulated cables, copper, brass, radiators, electric motors.

What’s the difference? Well, simply, ferrous metals contain iron, whereas non-ferrous metals don’t. Ferrous metals are used for their tensile strength, but they are also liable to rust. Non-ferrous metals have the advantage of being more malleable. In terms of a price difference, because of the availability of ferrous metals, the prices offered are generally lower, whereas non-ferrous metals will generally provide a higher price. But, in the end, you know you’re getting very competitive prices with us – and your scrap metal is always in demand!

Thanks to this demand, we’re always looking to give you a good price and remove your scrap. Why let you disused machinery cost you more? You can save on the cost of production by turning your old machinery into scrap. All our removal services are conducted according to safe-work methods and will undergo a job-safety analysis. We don’t want haphazard clearing from your factory workers – we have trained staff for this very purpose! You’ll find our services, as they are highly skilled, providing you with a saving on the cost of production. So, call us!

If you are wanting to trust a scrap metal team to complete your scrap metal removal requirements, while offering you a fair price for its removal and for the scrap metal itself look no further than the team at Complete Metal. For a free, no-obligation, quote regarding the removal of your scrap machinery feel free to contact us today.

We specialise in buying both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metal from domestic and commercial customers.
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