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CMI are scrap metal merchants and processors, we buy all ferrous & non-ferrous metals. Thanks to our years of training and experience our team possesses the expertise to deliver unmatched scrap metal services to residents throughout Sydney. We endeavour to provide the best price based on what type of scrap metal you want to sell to us. We specialise in buying both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metal from domestic and commercial customers.


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What is the difference between ferrous & non-ferrous metal?

Ferrous Metals: Profile steel, structural steel, light sheet steel, and cast iron.
Non-Ferrous Metals: Aluminium, copper, lead, stainless steel, brass, batteries, insulated cables, radiators, electric motors.

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Steel Recycling Sydney

Our scrap metal recycling, and copper granulating systems have been developed with our yard offering fully maintained digital weighing systems, scrap metal recycling equipment, metal shearing & baling, and materials handling equipment, all sitting on a fully concreted hard stand for clean and efficient operation. To guarantee that the metals we buy gain a second life we offer unmatched steel recycling for Sydney residents.

Scrap Metal Merchants Sydney

At CMI we offer steel, aluminium, copper, and multiple other forms of metal recycling based on the specific needs of our Sydney customers. When recycling metals we adhere to current environmental rules and regulations to ensure our footprint is as small as possible.


At CMI we recycle by shearing or baling the metal, then returning the product back to the foundries for re-smelting. As some of the leading metal merchants in Sydney we believe that all industries should have a focus on conducting business with a view to a cleaner environment. At CMI, we are developing recycling systems that are able to process our scrap metal with the purpose to ensure the best business practices possible, whilst at the same time protecting our environment.

Provide professional staff and qualified labour with the expertise to supervise and carry out this process in a cost effective, environmentally aware, and safe manner.

Provide destruction certification for any items that our clients request, and include PCB tracking certification for transformer removal.

Facilitating the cutting and removal of all types of machines, plant & equipment that have a requirement to be sold as scrap metal, and ensure safe and appropriate transportation from site.

Environmental Policy

CMI is committed to conducting our business in an environmentally aware and responsible manner. That is why we have developed our “7 tick Quality standards”, it encompasses our environmental practices and extends towards our present and future goals of a cleaner commitment to operations within the scrap metal industry. Part of our environmental policy ensures that all scrap containing oils or contaminants are drained and removed by specialist waste disposal operators and removed from site, we also clean and recover any spills for zero contamination into waterways.

Scrap Metal Sydney

All factory or yard demolition work is first planned using a safe work method, job safety analysis, and environmental impact statement, thus ensuring safer & cleaner operations. CMI also seek the cooperation of our employees and business partners in ensuring our organisational practices are driven with minimal environmental impact. To fulfil this commitment, CMI will not only observe all environmental laws, but also promote awareness of identifying Eco-footprints to move toward more sustainable practices, and will always adhere to the benefits of a greener and safer environment for all.

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Enviro Aware

Implies that our company is committed to conducting our business with minimum environmental impact.

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OH&S Compliant

CMI is workplace health safety stringent, and complys with all new WHS laws.

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Qualified Staff

We are proud of the people who represent our company for the knowledge they bring to our business.

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Courtesy and competence embrace our company beliefs, thus ensuring a professional philosophy.

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Price Competitive

We believe we can match, and sometimes better market prices on scrap.

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Ethical Practices

CMI will not undertake any unfair or illegal methods in its business dealings.

Scrap Yards Sydney

CMI only purchase amounts of scrap steel weighing 500kg or greater. At CMI we have an extensive scrap yard to allow for the disposal of a wide range of Sydney’s scrap metal, regardless of the type or size.

Scrap Metal Prices Sydney

At CMI we aim to provide fair and competitive prices for the scrap metal that is sold to us. By keeping up-to-date with global prices and movements in the metal markets we can offer accurate and current aluminium, copper, and other scrap metal prices for Sydney customers. Please contact us directly for daily updated scrap prices.

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